Helping you celebrate every holiday all year round without any effort so you can spend your time enjoying each one.

Do you LOVE holiday lights but hate fixing the strands, hanging the lights and taking them down?

Have Trmilight professionally installed for year around fun featuring a lifetime warranty and endless combinations of colors and patterns to celebrate any occasion.

  • User friendly app, cutting edge technology
  • Program millions of colors & animations
  • Customize patterns for any event
  • 180 pre-set programs for ease of use
  • Built in calendar & timer functions
  • Highest quality diodes (50,000 hours)
  • Designed to last for decades
  • Quality 2-coat painted aluminum channel
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Patented channel design blends into roofline
  • Multiple colors to match any building
  • Hides wires completely from view
  • Secures lights firmly in place
  • Adds architectural beauty to any roof line
  • Withstands all adverse weather conditions
  • Completely water proof diodes
  • Channel blocks wires from harmful UV rays
  • Securely attaches to withstand high winds
  • No more ladders or slippery roofs
  • Provides bright security lighting all year
  • Low voltage for safe install & operation
  • Only company with Lifetime Product Warranty
  • Industry leading labor warranty
  • Reliable response time for warranty inquiries
  • Professional crews with years of experience
  • On-site initial setup support after install
  • Installation satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Full support before, during and after purchase
  • Reliable response times for service requests
  • Assurance in working with the industry’s best

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